P2PTV – 3 ways explained to watch live football on Ubuntu

1. Veetle

Veetle is a very sophisticated high quality video broadcasting service. Besides Windows and MacOS it’s available for Linux. Just download their VLC-plugin for Firefox, install and start watching directly in your browser.

Video quality is great but the software is not widely used for football broadcasts. So despite it’s quality and ease of use Veetle is only used occasionally for your favorite game.

2. Sopcast

GTK-sopcast runs natively under Linux. Just install the provided .deb file and have fun. Sopcast can also be run from the command line:

sp-sc sop://broker.sopcast.com:3912/6000 3908 8908

starts sopcast playing channel 6000 on your local port 8908. In order to watch this channel with mplayer just enter

mplayer http://localhost:8908/tv.asf

Video quality depends on bitrate but is most likely much lower than Veetle or TVAnts broadcasts. However chances are much higher that your desired game is available on Sopcast.

3. TVAnts

TVAnts is not available for Linux. The Windows .exe can be downloaded from here. You will need WINE to install and run Windows programs like TVAnts. WINE can be installed via Synaptic or by typing sudo apt-get install wine via the command line. I’m not going into detail about what WINE can or can’t do but it suffices to run TVAnts.

Install TVAnts with wine TvantsSetup.exe although be aware that the name of the install file might differ. Just use that which you downloaded. After the installation process finished depending on distribution and window manager you are able to start TVAnts via your graphical menu or by typing

wine 'c:/Program Files/TVAnts/Tvants.exe'

on the command line. Now just choose your channel from the channel tab. You will get an error about TVAnts not beeing able to find Windows’ default player. Of course. We’re not using Windows, are we? But it also tells us how to play the stream:

mplayer http://localhost:16900/1

can be utilized – again – on the command line. If you add more channels in TVAnts please replace 1 by the number of the channel you’d like to watch. Also please note that even if you remove one or more channels from the channels tab channel numbers keep increasing until you restart TVAnts. For example if you have three channels running, you remove them and add one further channel you will only have one channel running in TVAnts. Until you restart completely you will have to tell mplayer to play channel 4.

If you find a link on a website pointing to a TVAnts stream just copy it’s location (e. g. tvants://list.tvants.com/tvants/?k=79ed1f19fb51593f5391d8d7c3e6f478) and manually enter this URL via TVAnts -> Channels – Add button.

Video quality is generelly better than Sopcast but TVAnts needs 5-10 minutes to establish connections and stabilize the stream. So be patient. Availability of broadcasts using TVAnts is also quite good.

If you don’t like mplayer you might consider using VLC to play your streams. Just replace mplayer with vlc in the examples above.

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