Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Beta on Acer 1810t

Although being in beta state Ubuntu 12.04 LTS runs great on my Acer 1810t already. There are just three annoyances I had to tinker with.

Fan always on and too loud (AC)

With an AC cable plugged in the fan is always on which is very audible in a quiet environment. This can be controlled using kernel module acerhdf which is loaded by default but lacks finetuning. So all you have to do is create a configuration file

sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/acerhdf.conf

and paste in the appropriate settings

options acerhdf interval=5 fanon=65000 fanoff=60000 kernelmode=1

and here comes silence! Use temperature settings at your own risk. The example above turns the fan on at 65° C and off at 60° C.

Noisy harddisk spindowns

Second thing is hdparm settings when running on battery. Former apm (Advanced Power Management) default for the harddrive in Oneiric was 128. It is now 127 which allows the drive to spin down resulting in frequent spin downs and wakeups which are audible and annoying. This can be avoided by setting apm back to 128 when running on battery

sudo hdparm /etc/sda -B 128

In order to make apm settings permanent add this to /etc/hdparm.conf

/dev/sda {
apm = 254
apm_battery = 128

Constantly blinking wifi LED

Well, for the LED to stop blinking when active but rather be just on it needs just an option to Intel’s wifi module. This however is not iwlagn as in Oneiric but iwlwifi in Precise. So create a config file

sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi.conf

and paste

options iwlwifi led_mode=1

and reboot or unload module with

sudo modprobe -r iwlwifi

and reload with

sudo modprobe iwlwifi


10 Responses to “Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Beta on Acer 1810t”

  1. Antonio says:

    Hi, i have an Acer 1810t like you but i cant boot Ubuntu 12.04 Beta from the usb stick, how did you do it? It hangs at syslinux load

  2. Dan says:

    This really helped. Thank you!

  3. Tim says:

    Thanks for the tip about getting the fan to spin down on the Acer 1810t.

    Any chance you have encountered problems with wireless after resuming? I am running the default Ubuntu kernel 3.2 in 12.04LTS and suspending to RAM works fine, but resuming causes wifi to stop working. I have set the system to unload the iwlwifi module before suspend, but it does not consistently work. Usually the wifi attempts to reconnect after resuming but is unable to do so. Unloading and reloading the kernel driver does not fix the problem.

  4. naveen says:

    constantly blinking wifi led: tried to do the exact steps mentioned above but it says modeprobe command not found!!

  5. Nathan LeClaire says:

    Wow, this just saved me tons of headaches with that Wifi light! Awesome, all the info I could find was outdated. How did you figure that iwlwifi out? Docs?



  6. Heinz says:

    #Antonio: You could try the final release by now.

    #Tim: I shall write a small post concerning connection problems with iwlwifi and network-manager.

    #naveen: That’s probably because it’n NOT modeprobe but modprobe, without the “e”!

    #Nathan: You can use lsmod to list your modules and modinfo to see which parameters are supported.

  7. naveen says:

    u r Awesome dude!! saved me from the buzz light…

  8. […] problems whatsoever so far! iwlwifi options can be set to N speed and no modifications other than stopping the LED from blinking are […]

  9. PCFreak says:

    Thanks a lot man, that helped me a lot!

  10. Mikael Svensson says:

    Thank you for writing this post. It proved to be very useful to me.

    I had the same problem with the constantly flashing Wifi LED on my HP nc6400. However, “lsmod” showed me that “iwl3945” and “iwl_legacy”, rather than “iwlwifi”, was in use.

    In the end I issued these commands to get the flashing LED to stop blinking:

    sudo echo “options iwl_legacy led_mode=1” > /etc/modprobe.d/iwl_legacy.conf
    sudo modprobe -r iwl3945 && sudo modprobe iwl3945

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