802.11n with Ralink rt2870 on Kernel 2.6.38

For those who are not satisfied with running their nice Ralink 802.11n USB device only at G speed, here’s what I did. Since kernel 2.6.35 upwards driver version doesn’t compile anymore due to some function renaming. usb_buffer_alloc() was renamed to usb_alloc_coherent()
and usb_buffer_free() was renamed to usb_free_coherent(). I’m actually running 2.6.38 on Lucid and what I had to do was to replace those functions (3 each) in include/os/rt_linux.h and os/linux/rt_usb_util.c.

After that the driver compiles flawlessly, installs and works!

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  1. zulu says:

    It works fine 😉


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